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Our Crappy 2 Happy Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Established in 2013 as a Hobby 

Crappy to Happy was formed as a fun family hobby business.  We worked on weekend projects for ourselves and friends and began attending a few junk shows.  With the encouragement of customers and friends, the pipe dream of opening a store front became a reality (during the pandemic of 2020). 

We are a busy family. We are a foster family and own a law firm, but we always make time for Junk.  Junk brings us together. Plus we meet a lot of neat people on junk adventures and at our sales. 

If you stop by the shop during a sales event, you will likely meet Ahviana working the till.  She's been junking since she could hold a paint brush. Her goal is to log enough hours in the shop this year to earn a car.  (She just turned 14 and earned her drivers permit on her birthday).  

Take a Look at Our Journey 

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